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-Beth-Ann, mom of 22 month old
Parent Reviews
Melody Makers staff absolutely loves teaching early childhood music education. 
We consider it the best job around :) 

We thought we would share what our parents
 are saying about Melody Makers!
"Melody Makers is such an amazingly fun place to watch my daughter, Emma, grow, play and learn! All of the activities and songs are well planned and age appropriate. There is always something new to explore! There isn't anything my daughter likes to do more than see her pals at Gigi Jingle class! A huge thank you to everyone at Melody Makers for being the bright spot of our week!!"
"We started Melody Makers when my daughter was 11 months and she still loves it at age 4. My son has really enjoyed the program as well. The songs and toys are well planned out! I have recommended this program to many of my friends and they love it as well!"
- Jodi, mom of 2 year old
- Laurie, mom of 4 & 2 year old
"We love watching how open and interactive Zoë has become since she has been taking Gigi jingle class this year. It is so much to watch how much personality has bloomed from going. She just loves the music and then seeing her try to do the movements and songs at home is priceless."
"We love all of the social skills this class teaches... manners, patience and turn-taking etc. (And of course the drums and Gigi)
- Sarah, mom of 18-month old
- Jennifer, mom of 3 year old
"Love how excited Colin gets. Best program ever. I am thankful for Melody Makers. Colin started to attend Melody Makers this summer and has continued this fall. It is amazing how much he has learn and his excitement and love for music grows. Not only does he learn about music instruments, music notes, composers and new songs, but colors, sign language, different countries, sharing, taking turns....the list goes on. I am just amazed and love Melody Makers and so thankful that Colin is able to go. Thank you Melody Makers!
- Brenda, preschool director
"Just to let you know how Melody Makers can touch a child. As I entered the room, one of my 4 year olds here at Milk & Honey Daycare starts directing his choir of teddy bears and army men telling them the differance between a quater note & a whole note. When he finished he told me he was going to be a composer and write songs about the weather like "Rain music". LOVE IT ..." 
- Bradley, dad of preschooler
"Our son attends Kidz Connection and participates in your classes. He loves your classes! He was excited to come home today and share about the orchestra instruments he learned about. Thanks for sharing your love of music with these children!"
- Cathy, mom of 3-year old
"this past Monday I stayed with Geneva for music class at school. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with what she and the others have learned; even I learned about the music terms!!! she comes home every Monday and always tells us about what she learned in music class."
- Jeanni, mom of 3-year old
"Claire (student at Country Bear) loves Melody Makers! We were reading a book, and she excitedly pointed out a treble clef and a sharp sign. And this week, she came home and told me about andante ("a little bit slow") and allegro ("a little bit fast"). I played the clarinet in high school and some in college, and I didn't even remember andante. I LOVE that Claire is learning music theory!!"
- Heather, mom of 4 1/2 month old
"Maximilian just got back from shaking his groove thang at his first music class, he loved it! Thank you Melody Makers!"
- Tonya, mom of 4 year old
"On the way to supper tonight Ethan (who, btw, just turned 4 on Saturday) starts using words like "Mozart" and "composer" and "opera"... I love knowing that my boy loves music so much. :) Thanks Melody Makers!"
- Anita, mom of twin 2-year olds
"Melody Makers is something that our family looks forward to each week. My two boys love the music, Gigi and dancing around the room."
- Lori, mom of three Melody Makers Alumni
"My daughters who are 12 now grew up in preschool with Melody Makers. My son who just started Kindergarten also went through Melody Makers. THEY LOVED IT! The quality of the program and friendliness of the staff is like no other program we have been involved in. THANKS!
- Deidre, mom of 15-month old
"I love Melody Makers because you offer music education to our preschool age children. Just as verbal language background begins to be formed very early in life, the listening vocabulary of music should begin to be formed before a child is 18 months old and not later than 3 years of age. By the time children enter school at age 5 or 6, the most important time for them to develop their music listening vocabularies has passed. This makes musical activities in the preschool years an extremely important foundation for every child's music education. Music is a valuable activity that contributes immensely to the development of a child. 
Thank you Melody Makers for helping our young ones learn the fundamentals of music in a fin, exciting way!!!"
- Kristen, mom of 2-year old
"I just started Melody Makers with my 4th child. The older 3 still remember the songs and sing them with her. They have all loved the singing, the instrumets, and most of all, Gigi. It is such a great program and it is something they will all have fond memories of."
- Nina, mom of 2-year old
"My daughter, Caroline, loves to go see Gigi and Mrs. Smith each week. We first started attending the Gigi Jingle class after a friend recommended it, and I’ve seen such growth in her confidence and social skills over the last year. As a stay-home mom with no other children, it was important to get Caroline involved in various playgroups and activities. This is by far her favorite weekly activity! She tries to give us Gigi stamps on our hands at home, and lights up when we sing songs from class. We will continue to attend classes as long as she enjoys them, and there is an age-appropriate class available."
“In every successful business…there is one budget line that never gets cut. It’s called ‘Product Development’ – and it’s the key to any company’s future growth. Music education is critical to the product development of this nation’s most important resource – our children.”
- John Sykes - President, VH1
- Roy, dad of 4-year-old
"Thank you so much for all of the work you have done! Reagan loves music and Melody Makers has demonstrably expanded her knowledge and application of music theory and increased her exposure to geography and history. It has been a pleasure having Reagan take Melody Makers classes! Thank you for all of your hard work. It truly has made a difference in my daughter's life."